KidsWrite! San Diego’s Third Children’s Writing Contest

Teachers in the San Diego area and members who know teachers in the area:

The Guild is proud to be one of the sponsors of KidsWrite! San Diego. You can help us get the word out about this exciting writing program for children and teens between the ages of 6 and 18 by including the information on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and by sending the information to teachers or students you know.

KidsWrite! San Diego Children’s Writing Contest

2020/2021 Theme: What The World Needs Now

Submissions close 10 pm, February 28, 2021

KidsWrite!, a program of the San Diego Writers Festival, is open to children and teens ages 6-18. There is no cost to submit. Please submit in one of the following literary categories:

  • Poetry
  • Reflective Essay
  • Short Story
  • Visual Storytelling (such as graphic novella)

Cash prizes will be awarded to Winners and Finalists in each Age Division and Literary Category. Young writers with neurological or physical differences may choose to participate in our Writers With Specific Needs Division.

Visit our website for complete entry rules, contest information, and to submit:


KidsWrite! is proudly partnered with / sponsored by the following organizations: San Diego Writers Festival, Warwick’s Independent Booksellers, San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, San Diego Memoir Writers Association, Coronado Public Library, and San Diego Festival of Books.

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