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If you missed Pam Burleson’s presentation to the Marketing Meeting in November, you could still take advantage of the incredible offer from her company Go to the website and enter the code SDWEG at checkout for a 75% discount for three months.

Leveraging Beta Reading Programs

Pam Burleson of presented at the Guild’s November Marketing Support Group Meeting. She introduced many great ideas authors can use to leverage a beta reader program. Here are some highlights. The full presentation is available to stream on the Guild Facebook page.

Identify and approach the right beta readers has a database of motivated beta readers who have shared their reading preferences. Authors signed up on have access to the database and can use it to approach readers. also guides authors in identifying the readers they should seek as beta readers.

Track the beta readers and their comments

While tracks the progress of each beta reader and helps authors check on whether the readers are fulfilling their agreements, any beta reader program should include this. This is especially true if a writer is offering a signed book in return for a completed read and questionnaire.

Find points of weakness in the work

If beta readers all seem to stop after three chapters, the author might consider whether to drop the beta reader or identify deeper problems in the book.

While the ideas Pam presented do not require subscribing to the services her company provides, using their service helps authors refine their writing and adjust their marketing through correctly identifying their ideal readers. provides structure and organization for authors as they go through the beta read, from conception to finalization.

At the end of her presentation, Pam described a special offer for Guild members. By using the code SDWEG at members will get their first three months at 75% off. Members can cancel at any time.

According to Pam, the average Beta Reader program lasts about six weeks, so plenty of time for little outlay–about $3.75 a month on a $14.99 plan.

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