Guild Member Wanjiru Warama Releases New Book

Wanjiru Warama’s fourth book, Beyond Conscious Self, has just rolled off of the press and onto the sale block, ready for your eyes.

The book shares two pivotal and inspiring stories in my midlife. The first story explains how and why I became a writer, which I credit to my membership in the Friends of the San Diego Public Library

 The second story is a travel log to the Greek Islands where my endurance was tested to the limit. I had to trust my instincts and press forward even when things turned difficult, especially when self-doubt and fear took hold. By choosing to believe in myself, I discovered we are truly never alone if only we could dig deep within ourselves and then accept the help the universe offers.

Life is not about what scares you; it’s about embracing the possibilities.

Book available in print and eBook at: 
 Reminder – click on the book cover

Congratulations to Wanjiru.

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