Kauai Writers Conference Will Be Online in 2020

Kauai Writers Conference is thrilled to announce a series of weekly online Zoom sessions, cosponsored by Poets & Writers, led by many of today’s foremost writers.  There will be two tracks: one for writers and one for readers. You may participate in either or both. 

Kevin Larimer, editor-in-chief of Poets & Writers, will moderate most of the sessions, asking probing questions to each of these beloved authors. Those of us who heard Kevin at our 2019 conference know that he is a brilliant moderator and interviewer. He brings a tremendous depth of knowledge as well as personal warmth to any session he is involved in.

These sessions cannot take the place of our annual Kauai conference, but in this time of pandemic, KWC hopes they will give you inspiration and personal connection with these wonderful authors. Learn more and sign up

For Readers

Many of us belong to book clubs. How would you like to take part in a book club where each session is led by the actual author of the book? Welcome to the Kauai Book Club. One Sunday each month, an author of a much-loved book will lead a live discussion of their work. What lies behind the scenes? What real-life persons inspired the characters? What challenges did the author have to face and surmount to write each chapter? 

The faculty of KWC have chosen the first two books: Lauren Groff’s Florida, and Christina Baker Kline’s The Exiles. They will invite all Kauai Book Club members to propose subsequent books you’d like to read and hear discussed by the author. The final decision on each book will be made by the faculty. Some books will be New York Times bestsellers, some will be winners of major prizes, and some may be lesser known works that their faculty think you will love. 

For Writers

This year is shaping up as the most dramatic of our lifetimes. For many it is a time of sadness and anxiety. But many writers are also finding it a time for deep reflection and creativity. 

Much of the world’s great literature has been inspired by hard times and social upheaval. Today provides a unique opportunity and perhaps obligation to tell our stories. Whether fiction, memoir, nonfiction, poetry or screenplay, whether set in the present moment or not, everything we write now is touched by the current drama. 

KWC’s online program for writers offers a chance to connect with a diversity of great writers and learn how they are faring in this time

There will be talks, workshops, conversations and master classes, with a session every Sunday. All sessions will be recorded so if you miss a live broadcast you can watch it at your convenience.


Sunday, Nov 22 7 p.m. ET Christina Baker Kline
Sunday, Dec 6 7 p.m. ET Richard Russo
Sunday, Dec 13 7 p.m. ET Meg Wolitzer
Sunday, Dec 20 7 p.m. ET Book Club
Lauren Groff Florida
Sunday, Dec 27 7 p.m. ET Laura Lentz
Sunday, Jan 10 7 p.m. ET Adrienne Brodeur
Sunday, Jan 17 7 p.m. ET Nick Delbanco/Charles Johnson
Sunday, Jan 24 7 pl.m. ET Book Club
Christina Baker Kline The Exiles
Sunday, Jan 31 through
Feb 28
7 p.m. ET Master Class: Developing your protagonist
Joshua Mohr

How to Register

You may subscribe either to all sessions or just the Kauai Book Club. We want these programs to be affordable to everyone. The cost will be just $49 per month for all sessions or $29 per month for the book club alone.  The book club is included at no additional cost for people who subscribe to the writers’ sessions.

Full details are available below.
 Learn more and sign up

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